We are thrilled to announce that we were recently awarded two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards for our Oak Smoked Goose Breasts. It’s not the first time our products have been successful at the Great Taste Awards, with both our smoked salmon and smoked venison winning gold awards in 2010.

Our oak smoked goose breasts are made using only the most tender, plump breasts. Each breast is cured before being smoked in native, aromatic oak chips at the Barony Smokehouse. Once smoked, the temperature in the kiln is increased to gently cook each breast, giving it a wonderfully succulent texture and a smooth, smoky flavour.

The judges had plenty of nice things to say about our smoked goose breasts, and we were absolutely thrilled to hear their feedback. You can see some of their comments below.

“A deep golden brown breast, this has a generous fat layer and a good ratio of lean meat. The smoke is really good, sweet and oaky, but without the acridity that is a risk with oak and the fat is a real pleasure, flavourful and yielding without any nasty chewiness. The lean meat still has a touch of pinkness and, while firm, isn’t dry. A well produced smoked goose breast with a long lasting and satisfying flavour.”

“A generous goose breast with a good layer of fat. The fat has really taken up the smoke and delivered a delicious flavour. The meat was a beautiful colour, perfectly cured, with complex favours.”

“Dense, dark meat with a good ratio of soft, flavoursome fat. The meat is a wonderful vehicle for the smoky cure and the salt/sugar balance has been well handled to deliver great length of flavour.”

The smoky, sweet flavour of the goose breast pairs perfectly with tangy, zingy flavours, like a vinegary salad dressing or sharp jus. If you’ve bought smoked goose breasts and are wondering what to do with them, we think this recipe for smoked goose breast with apple sauce and green salad sounds fantastic. Alternatively, oak smoked goose breasts are ideal as part of a charcuterie board or for a delicious starter. Cut each breast into thick slices and arrange in a fan shape over a bed of mixed leaf salad. Finish the dish by adding a drizzle of rich plum and red wine jus to compliment the goose’s smoky flavour. Delicious!

Shop our award-winning oak smoked goose breasts along with other smoked game and poultry today!

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