Oak Smoked Salmon Trimmings


When being portioned by hand, some of our oak smoked salmon needs to be trimmed from the side of each fillet, so we pack these trimmings in to 250g packs to ensure that none of our delicious smoked salmon goes to waste. Chef’s Tip: Our exceptionally flavoursome smoked salmon trimmings are ideal for quiches, pastas and luxurious scrambled eggs.

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Our Salmon are sourced exclusively from the West Coast of Scotland and the Shetland Isles. They are filleted, then cured with natural salt and brown sugar, before being slowly smoked over smouldering aromatic oak chips. The smoked fillets are then skilfully sliced and vacuum packed into our various pack sizes to ensure that each slices arrives with you as a moist, smoky and delicious treat.

Our smoked salmon trimmings are a by-product of slicing and trimming our smoked salmon. These pieces are smokier than our usual slices and are ideal for making pate, mousse or cooking in a quiche.

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Weight 250 g

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