At Barony Country Foods, we operate a small, traditional smokehouse using age old processes to smoke a variety of meats, from the obvious like salmon and trout, to the slightly less common, like poultry and cheese.

One of our most popular items from the smokery is our smoked duck breasts, but as it’s not an ingredient you would always pick up as part of the weekly shop, we thought we would put together some ideas for how best to enjoy them. Of course they can be eaten as part of a cheeseboard, or even on their own, but they’re also fantastic in a wide range of dishes.

Smoked duck is a cooked product which is generally eaten at room temperature, so they’re perfect for a refreshing summer lunch in the garden or as a luxurious alternative to your usual sandwich filling! With any of the ingredients in the recipes below, we would recommend sourcing as locally as you can.

A good old sandwich

If you’re looking for a more luxurious take on your traditional lunchtime sandwich, why not mix it up with smoked duck? Team your duck with some peppery rocket leaves and a sweet chutney (got a jar of cranberry sauce lingering in the cupboard? This is the perfect excuse to use it up!) then sandwich between a couple of slices of bread (we’d probably go for a crusty granary loaf), sit back, and enjoy!

You could even add some aged cheddar or parmesan cheese to add a salty contrast to the sweetness of the smoky duck flavour.

Summery salads

Thanks to the fact that they’re ready to eat, you could just rustle up a salad using other ingredients you already have in the fridge. If you’re feeling experimental though, we’ve found a couple of smoked duck salads that would be a brilliant option if you’ve got guests popping over for lunch, or you fancy an easy dinner in the garden.

Smoked duck breast and mushroom salad

Smoked duck and grilled peach salad

Tabbouleh with smoked duck breast

Something hot

Duck is deliciously filling, but also provides something different to chicken and a lighter alternative to beef or pork. This creamy risotto recipe is a delicious warming dish, and something a little different from the usual.

Smoked duck and mushroom risotto

Asian flavours

Duck is often found in a number of Asian dishes, from crispy pancakes with hoisin sauce to fluffy gyoza, it marries well with ingredients like ginger, chilli and five spice.

Smoked duck and ginger noodle soup

We have a range of duck products on offer, both smoked and unsmoked. To see our full range, as well as the other items in stock, take a look at our online shop.

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