At Barony Country Foods we operate a small, multi-award winning, traditional smokehouse. Using this age-old process combined with our own unique recipes and methods, we produce our delicious Scottish Smoked Salmon.

We basically produce two styles of smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon and cold smoked salmon. This can be a little confusing, but here is our definitive guide!

Cold smoked salmon is an uncooked, ready to eat product. Cured in salt then oak smoked at 28°c and usually thinly sliced. This is the smoked salmon that most people think about when we talk about smoked salmon, whether it’s in a sandwich or alongside scrambled eggs.

Hot smoked salmon is a cooked, ready to eat product. Cured and oak smoked, we then turn up the heat and cook the product through. This gives the salmon a cooked, flaky texture with a rich smoky flavour, perfect flaked into salads.

There are certain classics you think of when it comes to smoked salmon, whether it’s served up alongside scrambled eggs or in a quiche, but we have found some brilliant alternative recipe ideas below. If you’re looking for ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we’ve got you covered.

Breakfast / Brunch

You’ll find smoked salmon on brunch menus around the world, nestled amongst avocado and poached eggs. No breakfast choice would be complete without the option of eggs benedict, but we’ve also tried to include a few other ways you can use smoked salmon for a weekend breakfast or brunch with friends.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and chives

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel

Breakfast flatbread

Tattie scone with Scottish smoked salmon


Realistically, you don’t have to stick to breakfast, lunch or dinner with these recipes, but we thought salad, scotch eggs and a pizza bianca would all make great alternative lunch dishes if you’re looking to do something a bit different with smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon Scotch eggs

Hot-smoked salmon salad with chive and buttermilk dressing

Pizza bianca with smoked salmon


Kedgeree is traditionally a breakfast dish, so this is something you could make at any time of day and enjoy the leftovers for breakfast the following morning. You’ll see below we’ve put together a good mix of what you can do with both hot and cold smoked salmon, so there’s plenty of choice!

Hot smoked salmon kedgeree with soft poached eggs

Salmon pasta bake

Hot smoked salmon fishcakes

Smoked salmon, pea and broccoli frittata

Spaghetti with hot smoked salmon, rocket and capers

You can view our full range of hot and cold smoked salmon, as well as smoked poultry, cheese, game and traditional smoked fish in our online shop.

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